Photography Business – Affordable Marketing Tips For A Startup

Growing your photography business may seem to be a challenge in the beginning if you are a new photographer considering that people don’t know much or anything about your business. You can actually expand your business without incurring huge expenses through several marketing strategies which include:


As a professional photographer, you should make effort to connect not only with your clients but also with people working in the same field and other small scale entrepreneurs. If you attend events, consider bringing your business cards to give to people. Learn from the experienced photographers whenever you attend professional events like wedding shows and ask questions. Remember that you are not the only one facing budding problems in photography business; share your challenges with your peers to help you get inspired.

Participating in charity work

By offering your photography services for free as part of charitable work, people will appreciate your offer and get to know you. This will open future business opportunities as word goes around about your good services and dedication.

Getting referrals

Your first few customers are very important in marketing your business. You can ask your customers to write a brief testimonial about their experiences with your services which you can post on your blog and allow them to share with their social media friends.

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Give them offers like a free shoot for this. When your customers’ friends on Facebook and other platforms see the posts, they will likely contact you for your services.

Giving discounts

Valuing your customers can go a long way in promoting your startup photography business. If you have customers who request much of your services, consider awarding them by giving them discounts like reduced prices for a certain number of shots requested for. This will create customer loyalty and win you more referrals as long as your work is of a high quality and delivered at the right time.

Using email marketing tools

One of the most powerful ways of acquiring and engaging customers to ultimately achieve conversions is through email marketing. But this is not done manually as a lot of time can be consumed, so you make use of autoresponders such as get response and aweber. You can take advantage of a free trial for the first month to see if it works for you before subscribing to any plan. These tools offer a wide range of features with capabilities of importing contacts from third party services, segmenting contacts, creating landing pages, split testing, sharing newsletters on social media and much more.


You can find a wide range of freely available or even affordable tools to market your photography business online. The idea is try to automate as many business processes as possible so that you can dedicate most of your time doing the actual photography.

Getting It Right With Photography Lighting

Lighting in photography is basic if you are to achieve professional looking photos. Sources of photography lighting include natural light from the sun, artificial lighting and a camera’s flash light. Light in photography is actually more than the brightness or darkness of a subject. Indoor photography is more complex compared to outdoor photography in terms of lighting set-up but allows the photographer greater control over his/her subjects which may include close-ups or portraits. Adjusting to outdoor shoots is easy and not many equipment are needed for exciting photos. Whether indoor or outdoor, photography lighting should be well managed to achieve different effects. Some important basics to observe so as to get pleasant photos include:

Light color – This can be defined by the harshness or softness of the light. Light variation is known as color temperature. Harsh direct light will produce well-defined shadows while diffuse lighting will create softer shadows. Shadows are normally cast on the opposite side of the light source. The light sources you use may alter or improve the mood or appearance of your shots. Your camera may have a preset white balance setting that helps in color adjustments from different light sources. Digital photography lighting needs to have the right color temperature for beautiful photos.

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Light direction – In professional photography, the direction of light will determine your shot’s texture and shape. Your camera light lights up your subject and casts shadows right behind it. The same effect will occur if you have a source of light behind your camera. Though fine details may be captured from the position, aspects like shape and texture will not be revealed. Side lighting which means having light on the side of the subject will give dramatic effects needed in photography art. Shots taken in outdoor lighting especially in the mid day may thus lack texture or shape as sun light is cast above the subject. Experimenting with different lighting set-ups and noting the effect on your subject and shadows cast can be beneficial.

Light size – The way the texture of a shot appears also depends on the size of the light source from the subject’s position. A large light source will produce softer light while a small light source creates focused directional light. Use of equipment like diffusers can make a light source seem larger while reflectors can redirect light towards your subject.

Use of standard photography lighting kit, mastering camera adjustments and taking advantage of the sunlight in the morning or evening when there is softer natural light will give you the best shots.

Lighting equipment are not the only important tools you need for success in the photography business. Digital technology today plays an important role in this business, so you must be prepared to establish a strong online presence to get more business. Begin with the right web hosting service and autoresponders, then make use of social media to promote your photography brand to the widest audience you can reach with digital technology.

Photography – Tips To Getting Memorable Destination Wedding Photography

Destination weddings are romantic, fun and adventurous but they come with their own challenges in making the day a success.  It takes a lot of dedication from making arrangements for the trip, accommodation and most importantly finding a reliable photographer to capture some those precious moments. In my 4 years of experience in event photography, I’ve attended several destination weddings and witnessed couples delight over awesome photography work and others frustrated because of minor mistakes that were overlooked during planning. A wedding is a lifetime opportunity and I normally advice photographers and couples planning for destination wedding photography to observe these tips for success of the big day:

  • Find an easy to talk to photographer – Good rapport between a destination wedding photographer and couples getting married can determine their relationship throughout the photo shoot day till the reception of the photos. Finding a photographer who understands you will save you from unforeseen frustrations.
  • Find out the season of your wedding location – Couples picking destination weddings should find out about the season of the year. This is paramount as some weather patterns may ruin the moments for perfect shots. If you must get married in your planned destination and the weather seems bad, consider making arrangements for an indoor setting.
  • Enquire about areas restricted for photography – As a photographer, you should take a step further to find out if the owners of the destination site allow photography and advise your clients. Couples can schedule time with their photographer to identify spectacular sites that don’t restrict photography just before the photo shoot day. Some resorts may charge an extra fee for photography. Also worth noting is that some resorts have their own photographers and don’t allow outsiders. Prior research can therefore avoid head-scratching disappointments.
  • Schedule timings for photo shoots – If your wedding destination is in the tropical regions, then you would consider scheduling your wedding photo shoot in the early evening. At this time, the weather is cooler and natural lighting is perfect for breathtaking shots. Photographers will not struggle with light adjustments with cool temperatures and dramatic natural lighting.
  • Check the kind of lighting available – Excellent photography relies on light. Take advantage of special lighting in your resort to take night shots with your partner and bridal party for dramatic photos. Your wedding coordinator or photographer can find out on your behalf if the available lighting will suit your dream wedding images.

Finally, to crown your destination wedding, you can consider extending your stay for additional photo shoot in the beautiful location away from home. Hiring a photographer for your post-wedding shoot may be a brilliant idea to capture the most of beautiful sites away from your resort. Make sure to make every effort and look good on photos. Adopt a healthy lifestyle trying things like face yoga and good brain food too.

Doing Wedding Photography The Professional Way

With all the digital devices in the hands of many people today, you would be excused to think that it’s easy to eternalize the memories of every wedding event without much effort. But the truth is that even most owners of high end smartphones are clueless when it comes to professional photography. Go ahead and take photos if your phone has a camera. That’s fine because you might discover your passion in photography and perfect your skills over time. That’s what every professional photographer like me has had to do because it takes passion and consistent efforts to constantly improve and perfect the art of photography. But until then, you are not going to assume that you can just take the place of a professional photographer. Weddings are some of the most important events in the lives of many people, so they would only like the best photographers capture the special moments.

When I ventured into the world of photography as a professional, it wasn’t easy getting my photo studio services booked at wedding events even though I had the skills required to do a perfect job. I had to volunteer at several events in order to build my portfolio which future clients would easily be attracted to. Even after all that, clients still demanded references before they could trust me and my team to be behind the cameras during their big day. None of all those challenges could stop me because my passion for photography was very strong. This is the reality about starting any photography business and I had to accept it or quit. But nobody quits doing something they really love. This is something I talk about with anyone I want to be part of my team at our photo studio. We all love photography and our clients appreciate the efforts we put into producing high quality photos to make their weddings or other special events memorable.

So what does it take to run a successful business in the field of photography? Of course passion and great skills are very important because professional photography must be creative in every sense of the word. Any serious photographer should make every effort to acquire state of the art photography equipment including cameras, lighting and computers for their design studio. Like most other businesses today, photography is highly dependent on cutting edge technologies and innovative marketing strategies. You must have a website to showcase your photography work professionally, so you would definitely need a reliable web hosting service that guarantees no downtimes. A plethora of internet marketing tools including autoresponders for emails must also be part of the budget. Automate your business in every possible way and engage your target audience on every social media platform they heavily use today.

Continue watching this space if you would like to learn more about photography because I will regularly cover as many aspects of the trade as possible. Photography is an interesting way of telling stories in both life and work especially in this day and age of social media technologies. Many of our clients are taking advantage of our premium photography services for branding purposes and it’s a brilliant strategy that works. One of the clients deals in brain foods that I highly recommend if you need to be more productive everyday, and has made their brand popular on social media using our crystal clear photos and videos.